Wilderness Survival Gear Guide

Finally, the time has come for that great summer camping adventure or that backpacking trip abroad! Soon you will be facing a golden sun, a gentle breeze will caress your calves and you will ready for the adventure that is there and ready to pounce on the world roads. Be careful not to be too hasty when you pack your wilderness survival gear, though! Even the expert adventurer must realize that he can get lost, hurt, and fall prey to, the unexpected … and when one is lost in a corner of the world, isolated from any rural, it is at this precise moment that says, A trip to isolated spots means that you need to be ready for the unexpected. There are many resources to help you make the right choice in survival equipment.

There is a wide selection of survival gear that includes items such as survival knives, survival guides, survival blankets, complete survival kits, and special GPS systems. What you will really need depends on where you are going and how you are getting there. Different climates and terrains call for different types of equipment.

Slow-burning wooden sticks are super fuel for your heater. They burn slowly and keep a constant temperature so you can always keep your hands warm. They also feature a low smoke output and are an excellent value for the money they cost. These are a must for all survivalists. Fire is already your first objective when you're lost. It can keep you warm, provide light and cook your food. A flameless cigarette lighter, which has already been proven to be indispensable on the field, is virtually inexhaustible with a wick ignited by flint stones. This allows for a constant source of fire. Items like this are a normal part of any wilderness survival gear kit.

For getting around in unknown territory there are compasses, paper maps and GPS survival systems. These will be your best guides! Choose a survival compass that is clear, light, bright and easy to decipher. Also make sure it does not contain a bubble on the dial and it is free to move on its pivot spot. There are GPS units that are built for survival, than can help save you anywhere in the world. This GPS works only with a subscription. With this GPS you can ask for help at any time and you can be tracked to your location.

To complete your survival equipment in preparation for your hiking, camping or outdoor journey, you will find that there are many more things that you will need depending on the circumstances of your trip. You might also need a light tent, wind breaker, sleeping bag, solar charger, matches, a water-proof box, hand warmers, survival knife, pliers, rappelling hook, water filter, machete and a kit for poisonous snake and spider bites, and many others that will become indispensable in your way of thinking about survival gear!

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