Whale Watching Cruises – Try Something Different For Your Vacation This Year

The way we take our summer vacation has changed greatly over the past few years from when we used to take a two week beach or pool vacation every year to now trying different types of vacation such as camping, a adventure vacation or taking a cruise holiday. The cruise holiday has been the largest growth sector in the holiday industry for the past 5 years with many of the cruise companies enjoying the best times that the industry has ever had. The main reason for this great increase in the amount of people taking cruise holidays has been the massive variation of cruise holidays available as well as the increase in the amount of entertainment that is now available onboard the huge cruise ships. It is now possible to choose from such a huge variety of different cruise holidays that suit all budgets that many families are trying a cruise holiday for the first time and most are finding the experience to be a great one.

It is now virtually possible to take a cruise holiday to almost anywhere in the world and for almost any length of time. If you wanted to it is possible to take three months or more to go on an around the world cruise or you might prefer to take your partner on a weekend river cruise, either way whatever you fancy doing the option is probably there.

The ever popular cruise destinations to the Caribbean islands are also growing in popularity with people but the type of people who are choosing to take a Caribbean cruise are different from those of the past. In the past people were put off going on a cruise because of the very formal atmosphere and the stuffy reputation that they had but now much of this has changed and the cruises and ships are more family orientated with the emphasis on entertainment rather than relaxation although you can still choose to take it easy if you like. More and more families are taking the chance to go on a floating holiday to the Caribbean to stop off and visit such places as Barbados, Jamaica, Tobago and St Lucia, ordinarily if you chose to go on holiday to the Caribbean you would only get the chance to stop at one of these destinations, the beauty of a cruise holiday for many people is that you get the chance to experience the flavour of many different destinations on the one holiday

On the other end of the scale whale watching cruises are growing in popularity, the cruise ships are still as opulent as the Caribbean cruise ships but the emphasis is on the whale watching rather than on the entertainment, although there is always plenty to do if you want to. On a whale watching cruise you sail out to either the Galapagos Islands or the Arctic with the sole intention of seeing whales that live in the waters of these regions. This may sound a bit dull but it is not every day that you get the opportunity to see the largest animal in the world in its natural habitat.

If you are looking at taking a holiday that is totally different from anything that you may have done before and still want all of the creature comforts that a cruise ship can give then maybe a whale watching cruise is the holiday for you.

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