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Vacation Cheaply in Russia

The recent opening up of Russia to the west makes travelling there possible. The old countries of culture in the east of Europe can now be more easily visited than ever before. However, our western tour operators offer little in the way of package tours to Russia or into other east european countries. If you want to visit places beyond Moscow, St Petersburg or the Baikal Sea, you have to rely on your own initiative. The good news is that it is not so expensive.

In many western cities there are now Russian travel agencies, which for a small fee will facilitate procurement of a visa for you.

Travelling around.
A license and registration are required to operate a vehicle in Russia. Visitors to Russia can use their own driver’s license provided they obtain a certified translation of the license. And provided their visit is for less than six months.

Cheap flights to Russia.
Low cost airlines are increasingly offering flights to Russia. There are now at least three cities with regular services besides, of course, those to Moscow. Also, Russian airlines such as Aeroflot, Pulkovo and Rossia offer regular cheap flights from the large German and other European airports.

Accommodation and Guides.
In Russia it is worthwhile to obtain for oneself a city guide who will arrange for Sightseeing. They will also take care of translation and other necessary services such as hotel reservations or transfers. With the low wage levels in Russia and eastern Europe, such a guide will very quickly pay for themselves by obtaining favorable hotels and restaurants. Also they will assist in paying regular admission prices instead of tourist rates for culture and leisure facilities or the normal taxi fare instead of exorbitant visitor charges. You can find suitable personal guides from Tourist travel agencies in Russia.

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