Tsunami Mini-Wave Actions to Protect Cruise Ships, Sea Walls, and Floating Cities

Are all Tsunami Waves bad? How can such incredible forces of nature be good after all we have just witnessed the destruction caused by the Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami. The World Think Tanks wants to turn the tables on Mother Nature and invite her to the table for the supper she created.

The World Think Tank believes it is possible to use Tsunami wave action for a defense system against incoming torpedoes for Aircraft carriers, cruise ships or to save Seawalls during Hurricanes. A Wave making machine can be built upon the platform like a seawall or on a floating city or even mounted on an Aircraft Carrier to send a wave at an incoming torpedo at 300 knots under water to intercept it and turn it around. The torpedo might even hit the enemy from whatever vessel fired upon it.

Since Tsunami waves do not stop they just keep going until they hit the surface of the water and slow by transferring the fast moving wave into a large title wave situation rather than a fast moving 4-8 foot high flow of water capable of moving at speeds of 300 knots or more. Generally it does this as it approaches a shoreline.

The Tsunami Wave on a ship would be generated by steam from the Nuclear Carriers generators or on a cruise ship from an outboard generation system and spring that is backed up under dynamic pressure of the relative drag or friction of the water while moving through it. Using a paddle system and crank in a ratcheting action it would wind up again. Once wound up It could also be used to send a wave into a harbor of the enemy or tip over a pirate ship attacking a cruise ship, or turn around a torpedo or terrorist kamikaze bomber boat by capsizing it by a huge wave sent by? Mother Nature, all compliments of the USN. Remember that they can travel 100's of miles or more once launched.

This system could be used to launch rockets, rocks or torpedoes, which have engines, whatever you want? We could launch UAV unmanned aerial vehicles or send Navy Seal Teams to shore at high speed. As a defensive system the ships of our military when a bad guy came to close, just sink them with a huge wave out of the blue, no more USS Cole scenarios. Join the Navy to see the WAVE !!! Think about how environmentally friendly it is to use the motion of the ocean to sink your enemy, who tried to attack you first. This second reciprocal response is instantaneous and ominous, like the ocean.

For a seawall security from Hurricanes, which is very much needed in the case of the New Orleans you could use a system like they are devising in Italy to keep out high tide. The water comes in the weight of the water forces down a spring system or other type of system and then sends an underwater wave which comes to the surface a few miles out and sends a motion of water into the oncoming Hurricane waves approaching the shoreline and thus preserves the integrity of your sea wall from the pounding surf accompanied by large scale Hurricanes.

Now that Mother Nature has shown us the force which can be created using wave action, we need to turn the devastation witnessed into a positive security feature of our civilization.

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