Trekking Adventure Vacation

What is Trekking?

Trekking refers to multi day hiking trips. Trekkers often go on long trips through entire regions of the world. Trekking is a less structured type of traveling because plans change due to weather and topography rather than flights and hotels.

Why is Trekking so Popular?

Traveling by foot allows you to go at your own pace, or that of the group. It is a more flexible form of traveling then having to rush to catch flights and check in and out of hotels. Trekking can be as short or long of a trip as you wish, and as adventurous as you dare to go. This attracts many people to trekking trips, because it can be tailored for almost anyone.

You get to experience the culture of the country you are visiting and trekkers get close up views of incredible scenery. The experience is much different than traveling in groups to more popular destinations. You get to interact with the native people and the natural beauty of your surroundings.

Where can I go trekking?

You can go trekking almost anywhere in the world. There are some popular destinations for trekkers that include: the Himalayas, the Andes, and the Inca Trails. You can trek on almost any continent, in less touristy areas as well. Some of these are the most beautiful, secluded places you will ever see.

When can I go trekking?

This depends on where you are going. There are good seasons and bad seasons for every location. This is very important to determine before you leave because the weather will greatly affect your trip. Pick the best season for your destination, and after that you can only hope it doesn’t rain!

Who can take a Trekking Adventure?

Because there are such a wide variety of treks available, almost anyone can go trekking. Make sure you know your own physical capabilities before you book your trek. Its fun to have a challenge, however if you are struggling with the terrain, you will be less likely to enjoy yourself. Always have someone with you who knows what they’re doing. An experienced trekker and guide is a definite asset on your trip. Having someone who knows what they’re doing could save your life.


Trekking is a fun, adventurous activity that almost anyone can participate in. You get to go off the beaten path and experience things that most people (even other travelers) never do. There is a wide variety of difficulty, adventure, and lengths of trips that you can choose from that also make it very desirable.

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