Tips for Backpacking in Davao

Davao is one of the best destinations for backpackers. It provides a lot of opportunities for adventure from diving to zip-lining and white water rafting. It’s also the home of the colorful Kadayawan Festival and is a melting pot of foreign and indigenous cultures. It’s also ideal for travelling on a budget, as there are many inexpensive places to eat and several cheap Davao City hotels to stay in while you’re there. If you decide to visit Davao on your next backpacking trip, here are some tips that you might find useful.

First, you’ve got to remember to travel light. Pack only your essentials. Take along a few essential toiletries and a few changes of clothes. If there’s something you’ve forgotten, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find whatever it is you need while you’re on the move.

Be sure your money is safe; one way to do this is to divide your funds between two cards and bring along some travelers’ checks and cash. When you go out for the day, bring only the money that you’ll need, preferably in smaller denominations. While Davao is one of the cities in the Philippines with a low crime rate, there’s still a possibility that you might lose your money by accident or through your own carelessness or forgetfulness.

Pack a pair of rubber flip flops. Rubber slippers are the footwear of choice for the Filipino masses, with good reason, as they’re durable and versatile. You’ll be able to wear them when you visit the beach resorts and water parks in Davao, such as Samal Island. They’ll also be useful if you find you have to take a shower in a place other than your Davao hotel room, as public rest rooms might not be as clean as you’d wish them to be.

You might want to keep a travel journal, and keep your pictures safe. Since a notebook might be too cumbersome, you can keep your journal in digital form. The pictures you take – and there will be many – are irreplaceable, so you can take the time to upload your photos and impressions on the internet at one of the many wifi spots or internet cafes in the city.

Finally, finding an inexpensive place to stay is important so you can use your money on food or souvenirs rather than your hotel bill. There are many cheap hotels in Davao City. For instance, Jade Dragon’s Suites is one Davao hotel that offers luxurious amenities at very low rates.

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