The Most Common Cruise Ship Accidents Reported Each Year

When planning a cruise to a distant location, the last thing you want to consider is what if you have an accident on board. When you think of the millions of people taking cruises each and every year, the few incidents is only a small minority of people. Unfortunately cruise ship accidents are common and in the event you find yourself injured while on board and want to claim, you will have to find a reputable cruise injury lawyer who understands maritime law and can help you manage your claim effectively moving forward.

Cruise ship injuries can vary from someone slipping in the shower to someone falling overboard or finding yourself in bed with a contagious disease to being physically assaulted. The one thing many people don't realize is that this can happen to guests and crew members on any ship anywhere in the world at any time.

One of the most common reasons people visit a cruise injury lawyer after a cruise is due to a broken bone. Slipping next to the pool when the deck is wet is a leading cause for concern and can leave a passenger unable to return to work when they return home. They visit a cruise injury lawyer who understands maritime law and can provide them with the information and assistance they need to file a claim against the cruise company, helping them get compensation to pay for their loss of income and distress caused by the accident.

Another common injury is slips in the shower. For some reason on board, thousands of people slip in the shower injuring themselves. This may be due to the slippery surface or due to rough weather. Either way, if you are injured on board, you have a right to claim.

Further you find there are a high volume of hand injuries on board a ship. Hand injuries can be anything from cuts and bruises to broken bones. The medical team on board are not equipped to deal with serious medical conditions. They can help with minor cuts and abrasions, sea sickness and general medicine. One of the most common thing seen by the medical professionals on board is passengers who have left their prescription medicines at home.

In the event of a serious injury, such as a broken bone, head injury, heart attack or concussion, the medical doctor on board has the right to request the captain head to the nearest port, enabling you to get the best medical assistance from a hospital nearby.

Physical assault is a very real problem on board ships. The same you would get if you flew to another country, you would see this happening, it can happen, especially with such confined spaces. If you find yourself a victim of physical assault, whether from a crew member or another passenger, you should seek the assistance of a cruise injury lawyer who can help you file a claim within the time frame given against the cruise ship company.

Remember if you want to file a claim, the time period will be clearly written on the back of the ticket. The best method is to seek assistance from cruise injury lawyers as soon as you set foot back on dry land.

Theft is another serious problem which can happen on board and in the event you find your valuables have been taken while you are away from your cabin, then you will want to claim for them and get compensation so you can replace them quickly and effectively.

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