Selling Timeshares

The bad news is it is not easy to sell timeshares. It can be very difficult, if not impossible because of supply and demand. There are many timeshares up for sale; the demand is just not there.

Many timeshare owners want out because they bought blindly during a promotional offering including free gifts and a vacation in the resort that had units for sale. What they find out in the long run is that prices are over inflated and some of what they were told is simply not ‘as it seems.” For instance, many people are told that they can trade time to spend in other resort locations, only to find out that they can’t. Not only that, they also learn the hard way that if they do want to sell their unit, they will only get about half of what they paid for it. It is a sad fact that the demand side for timeshare resale just isn’t there, and those who are looking to buy are looking for extreme bargains because they know they are available.

Now that you know the bad news, and you still have ambitions to sell there are a few points to take into consideration. The first is to look at what other units sold for in your resort. Check auctions and see what final bidding was, and check with resale brokers for pricing information about your property. Remember that you are competing with hundreds of other sellers, so in order to sell you have to price as low as possible.

You also need to advertise your property. If it’s not out there for people to see, it will never sell. Post ads on the Internet in as many “timeshare” sites you can find. The Internet has proven to be the most used resource for timeshare resale, and it has a targeted market. Many of these websites allow you to post your property free of charge, especially if they are just launching their site.

Also, let the company that you purchased your property from know that you are interested selling. Often times they get renters who are interested in purchasing a timeshare after staying a week.

You can use a broker, but realize that one way or another; there will be a fee involved. Stay away from brokers who demand an upfront fee and go with one who collects a commission upon sale.

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