Seasonal Cruises: The Best Time of Year for Barge Holidays

Have you ever wanted to go on a barge holiday in Europe? There are so many waterways to discover in many countries on the continent, and it is a truly enjoyable way to travel. Traditional wide beam boats will carry you along ancient waterways, through beautiful countryside and fascinating historic towns, making it the ideal way to really get to know a destination.

Here are some options for seasonal cruises that you may want to consider if you are debating the best time of year to book.

Winter Cruises

Christmas is the perfect time for taking a cruise. It may be cold, but you’ll stay nice and warm on the luxury wide beam boats as they drift along the waterways. You don’t have to go far, and in fact you can enjoy a lovely winter cruise through England’s countryside travelling along the Thames at this time of year.

Wherever you go, you will be able to enjoy all the festive cheer you are used to back home, with mice pies, mulled wine, decorations, presents and more – all on board the vessel. You could even stop off for midnight mass in a local village church, and of course there will be plenty of time to sit next to a fire in a traditional village pub during your trip.

New Year is also a great time to book a cruise on one of these wonderful wide beam boats to enjoy a holiday. If you want to do something different for New Year celebrations, a barge cruise is the perfect opportunity to make it a celebration to remember.

One option could be to charter a barge for a few days or a week and travel down the River Thames. This could take you through areas such as Oxfordshire and Surrey, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and stop off at country pubs along the way. Walking is a good activity to enjoy and you could spend the afternoon stretching your legs, then return to your cosy luxury barge to relax and have dinner.

Spring/Summer Cruises

Most people think of booking a cruise at this time of year, and it certainly has its benefits. One of these is that you can combine your cruise with various flower shows. For example, if you go to Holland in the spring, you can enjoy the amazing tulip displays as well as attractions like the Aalsmeer flower auction and Keukenhof Gardens. Alternatively, book your cruise in England and visit the Chelsea Flower Show, Hampton Court Flower Show and Kew Gardens, all of which are at their best in the spring and summer.

Choose the Perfect Time of Year for Your Barge Holiday

The fantastic thing about barge holidays on wide beam boats is that you really can enjoy them at any time of year. The above options are a few of the best seasonal experiences that you can have.

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