How Safe Are Balconies on Cruise Ships? – Better Watch Out

How safe are balconies on cruise ships? If you’re traveling with your children, it’s very important to get a solid answer to this question. You can never be too concerned when it comes to the safety of your own family right?

I remembered this conversation with a friend of mine regarding the safety of balconies on cruise ships. Basically she’s going on a cruise with her children (aged 8 and 12) and booked the connecting cabins. She’s a bit worried because she might not notice her kids going in the balcony.

Pay close attention because I have something very important to say first. You haven’t got the slightest clue how the cruise industry works and how the cruise lines are taking advantage of you. I’ll show you a way on how you can outsmart them at the end of this article but first let’s take a look at some of the things you need to consider when it comes to balcony safety.

Typically, the first thing that comes to your mind is the locks on the sliding doors. Well the locks on the sliding doors aren’t really that complicated and your children can easily unlock it if they’re old enough. What you can do is turn one cabin to an inside cabin or you can let one parent stay in the other balcony cabin with one of your kids.

Another simple thing that you can do is to just set some strict rules. Tell your children not to go on the balcony if they’re not being watched by an adult. You can also buy some alarms that would ring if a balcony door is being opened.

Basically everything will all depend on your situation. Will the children ever be alone inside the rooms without you? If that’s the case then you have every reason to be worried about. But if you’re going to be looking after them all the time then you can just relax a little.

One thing that I would suggest is to choose cabins that have a divider in between and just keep it open all the time so you can keep an eye on your children.

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