Holiday on Your Own? Try a Walking Trip

If you are on your own for any reason, then going away on holiday can be a daunting experience. Most of us are not so self-sufficient that we can spend a week or so with just our own company and would find it difficult talking to random strangers whilst on holiday. Fortunately there are lots of alternatives out there.

There are lots of activity holidays available where you will join a small group when you arrive at your destination. Usually these groups are between around 6 and 16 in number so you have plenty of opportunity to get to know your fellow travellers. The advantage of taking part in some activity during the day is that there is usually plenty to talk about in the evening, even if it is only comparing aches and bruises. Most group trips include the services of an experienced leader who will run the activities and help people to get to know each other.

Walking Holidays

For those of us who get nervous when considering bungee-jumping on canyoning then a walking holiday can represent a good introduction to this kind of holiday. Most walking holidays are graded so you can choose something which fits in with your level of fitness and experience. Grades range through from gentle rambles with frequent stops for photographs to mountain climbing with ice axes and crampons (OK maybe not for beginners).

Going Solo

Some companies will offer ‘solo’ groups on certain trips where everybody is on their own, but even on a ‘normal’ trip there will often be half of the group arriving alone, so there is not really a reason to search out only solo trips. You may end up in a tent on some of these holidays but most use fairly comfortable hotels. For a single room you will often end up paying a supplement but most companies will arrange a room share with another traveller of the same gender if you want.

Just Do It

If you are not sure about a trip, then it is always worth ringing the holiday company to find out more. Any good company will be able to give you more details about the type of walking you will be doing and what you may need to bring. They may also be able to tell you something about the other group members already booked. One word of warning is that if you are under 30 or so then you may not find many other people of a similar age on the trip. These kinds of trip do tend to attract slightly older people.

So, go and have a look and see what’s available, find the right trip for you, then go and see new places, meet new people, get a bit fitter and enjoy yourself.

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