Forget the Suitcase – Go Backpacking in Eastern Europe

Young and adventurous people from all around the world enjoy traveling to Eastern Europe. The best way to explore this amazing region is on a backpacking trip. Not only does it allow you to experience all the beautiful places here, it’s affordable as well.

With its largely unspoiled countryside and many historical cities and towns, Eastern Europe is a welcoming region for adventure travelers. From Slovenia to Latvia, Poland to Hungary and the small but exciting Montenegro, there is much to experience. Backpacking in Eastern Europe is a cheap Europe vacation that you will remember for a lifetime.

What to Bring?

Before you embark on this adventure it’s important to prepare your backpack. No need to overload it, but there are some items that are essential to include. In addition to your clothes, make sure to include your passport as you will be traveling through several different countries. Take your toiletries, any medicines you may need and a small first aid kit. You will also want to pack a camera, a cell phone, sunglasses, and some emergency cash.

There are many places worth visiting on a backpacking trip to Eastern Europe. Below you will find three of the most popular.


Slovenia is an interesting country to visit and there are many unique attractions to explore here. Many historical buildings, modern shops, art galleries, and museums await you here.In the capital city of Ljubljana, one of the most unique is the Hostel Celica, a former prison that was converted to a youth hostel by a group of more than 80 Slovenian and other international artists. Visitors stay in refurbished “cells” with bars on the windows and doors.


Located on the Baltic coast, near Estonia and Lithuania, Latvia is growing in popularity among tourists. The culture here is one of the most unique in Europe because of its historical divisions among occupying nations throughout history. One of the most trafficked destinations here is the 800 year old Dome Cathedral with its 7,000 pipe organ. Also popular in Latvia is the ancient city of Cesis. This historical city is full of unique sights including St. Johns Church and the castle ruins of the German Knightly Order.


Montenegro is a small country with a population less than 650,000 people. This is a land of varied terrain with long beautiful beaches in one area and awe-inspiring mountains in the next. Visit the fortifications of Kotor, an ancient and historical sight dating back to before medieval times or travel to old city, otherwise known as Budva. This town is the center of tourism for the region and it’s popular for its beautiful beaches and Mediterranean atmosphere.

On your backpacking trip to Eastern Europe you may want to consider buying a rail pass. Travel by train is customary among tourists here and it will add to the overall experience of your vacation. Planning an itinerary is also important and securing space at hostels along your expected route is recommended.

Backpacking in Eastern Europe is a unique way to experience the culture of this region. Many of the places you can visit here date back to before medieval times making it an exciting and adventurous vacation. Traveling here will leave you with a lasting memory and it’s easy to see why so many people make the trip.

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