Cruise Vacations: Best Packages To Choose From

When it comes to choosing your cruise there are many packages available. So it really depends which part of the world you would like to go for on a cruise. Added to this you should consider what kind of budget and activities you would like so that you can find the perfect cruise holiday.

Here follows the pick of the foremost cruising destinations which holiday makers like going on the most.

Alaska cruises

Right now this is the most popular with 250,000 tourists going on a cruise here every year. It appeals because it has lots of scenic beauty with the main attraction being the large glaciers and wild life. The best time to cruise to Alaska is during the northern hemisphere summer months spanning from May till end of September. Most of the Alaska cruises do the round trip starting from Vancouver but this can differ depending on what cruise liner you choose.

Caribbean cruises

This typically appeals to those of us who enjoy a vacation full of sun, sand exotic location and plenty of basking in the heat. The peak time to go is from December up until April. The hot spot islands to visit are the Bahamas, Jamaica, the Virgin Islands, the lower Antilles, the Dutch Antilles the idyllic beaches of the paradise island of Aruba. Plus also the coastlines of central America spanning from the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico down to Honduras and Belize.

European cruises

These are becoming very popular even if you need to travel all the way to Europe. Particularly popular are the cruises around the Scandinavian countries and the stunning looking fjords of Norway as well as the scenic routes of Finland which are almost comparable in beauty to Alaska. Other countries offer cruises as well in particular around the Mediterranean countries of Italy, Greece and Turkey.

Hawaii cruises

This is also a top notch destination. Its sheer beauty is only matched by the friendly welcome you receive whenever you visit these stunning islands in the Pacific Ocean. It is also a good starting point if you also want to have a longer cruise to other pacific islands, even going down as far as Australia. But Hawaii alone can offer everything that you want from a tropical cruise from the exotic wild life and fauna of the islands to the stunning clear blue water of the ocean surrounding Hawaii.

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