Cruise Ship Jobs – Which Jobs to Apply For

What is your motivation for applying for a cruise ship job?

  1. Are you like a lot of people who figure that a cruise ship job is one that enables you to explore the most beautiful places on earth and have the time of your life for free?
  2. Or Is your motivation to find excellent career opportunities and, gain invaluable work experience (such as in engineering) and make a lot of money?

If your answer is number 1, then these are the types of positions that you should potentially apply for:

  • Cruise staff;
  • Shore excursions;
  • Entertainment;
  • Admin;
  • Youth staff;
  • Photography;
  • Gift shop;
  • Photo and video staff;
  • Casino;
  • Fitness and beauty

These positions will maximize your leisure time both on board and at the ports that your ship berths at.

If, however, your answer is number 2, then these are the types of positions that you should be looking to apply for:

Cabin stewards;

  • Cleaners;
  • Deck hands;
  • Engineers; or
  • Chefs

You must remember, however, that the hours are long, the work can be tough, and you will have less time on shore and having leisure time at each port. However, you are usually handsomely compensated for your efforts.

Plus another massive benefit of these positions is many crew members go onto well paying land jobs in prestigious hotels and restaurants because of their experience gained on board.

People’s motivations behind applying for cruise jobs varies enormously, which can affect the outcome of your application process and your cruise ship career.

So, spend some time thinking about what your motivation is for applying for a cruise ship job, which will lead to happiness and on board success.

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