Cruise Ship Employment – 10 Tips For Successful Applications

When applying for cruise ship employment it’s important to spend some time getting your application just right. A little time and effort at this stage will help you on your way to success and clinching that interview. Here are ten top tips to ensure a winning cruise ship application.

1. You should create a list of any previous positions you’ve held before, paid and voluntary. Write down any certificates you’ve gained from school, training or higher education. Don’t forget to add any training courses you’ve taken part in and skills you have acquired.

2. After you have completed your list, rewrite it with your best strengths listed at the top all the way down to your ‘least’ strength. Be honest about your strong points and weaknesses.

3. Now it’s time to find out what cruise ship vacancies are presently available. The majority of cruise lines will place advertisements with the leading job websites online, so spend some time looking through these. Use a search engine to locate the top employment sites.

4. Consider the available positions and weigh up which vacancies are best suited to your experience, your qualifications, your skills, your personality, and your aspirations. Take some time to consider what cruise ship employment is the best fit for you.

5. After you’ve chosen which cruise ship vacancies to apply for, start building your resume. Check it carefully to ensure no spelling mistakes and make sure it looks professional i.e. typed correctly with proper spacing and aligned margins, etc. Try to make your resume as imaginative and interesting as possible to stand out from other applications.

6. Write confidently! Choose positive words that give off an air of self-confidence and belief in your skills and abilities. Never over-estimate your capabilities but at the same time don’t undervalue yourself either. Just be honest and choose words that sound right for you.

7. If you are applying for more than one cruise ship job, optimize your resume accordingly for each vacancy. Make slight alterations depending on which particular position you are applying for, highlighting specific skills and abilities you possess in that field. This point is essential in the cruise ship industry.

8. Once your resume is polished and sparkling, give it to family and friends to critique. This is a good way to spot any errors you may have overlooked and get an honest opinion on its appearance and content.

9. Now your resume is out of the way, its time to concentrate on your cover letter. This part is crucial so spend extra time getting it just right. Your cover letter is the key to enticing the recruiter to read your resume; and your application should invite the hiring manager to call you and practically beg you for an interview!

10. Once everything is completed, it’s now time to send it. Don’t spend days or even weeks drafting copies until its perfect. If possible begin today and have your application for cruise ship employment ready by tomorrow. Concentrate on nothing else until it’s ready, you want to secure that interview within the next week.

That’s it! Now just sit back and wait until that interview letter pops through the door. While you’re waiting, here are three bonus tips to improve your chances even more.

Bonus Tips

1. Ensure your application is addressed correctly. Have you spelt the receiver’s name correctly? Have you got their position right? Always double check because the last thing you want is to make a mistake at this important part!

2. Whilst you’re waiting to hear from the company, brush up on your interview techniques. Consider the questions you may be asked and think how you will answer.

3. Keep a record of all cruise ship jobs you have applied for. Write down which companies you have applied to, which positions you applied for, the date you applied, the name and position held by the recruiter, the name of the agency, and their physical and website address.

By following this advice you should be well on your way to a successful application for cruise ship employment. Remember, if it doesn’t work out this time, keep persevering and polish your application next time until it stands out from the rest. Good luck!

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