Considerations For Performing Massage on a Cruise Ship

Would you like a job that offers some fabulous benefits, such as worldwide travel and free room and board, as well as a lot of hard work? If so, working as a massage therapist aboard a cruise ship may be just what you are looking for.

For many people, taking a vacation aboard a cruise ship is the ultimate luxury experience. In addition to interesting ports-of-call, cruise ships offer a veritable endless buffet of on-board events, entertainment venues, shopping and physical fitness opportunities. For a massage therapist it can be all that and a lot more. It can be a paid job that offers you experience in a spa-like setting where you become an important part of the on-board staff.

Working on a cruise ship can have many advantages. In some cases, the cruise line offers additional formal training for massage therapists, thus increasing the opportunity to not only enhance your skills for the future, but also add to your present income through increased appointment bookings in the ship’s spa facilities. It can also offer you a chance to visit places you have only dreamed of.

But, for some, it can also have some drawbacks, especially when they realize the job is not a vacation and they may not have as much free time as they had hoped. Even massage therapists can get seasick, or miss their family and friends while sailing away on long voyages. There could even be long hours of very hard work, with the occasional demanding passenger

For those who are willing and able, being employed as a massage therapist aboard a cruise ship can be a dream come true.

Have you thought about what it would be like working for a cruise line? Before making any decisions about this type of employment, learn more about you should take into consideration before performing massage on a cruise ship.

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