Choosing the Best Seychelles Resorts for Families

Booking a holiday in the Seychelles can be the trip of the lifetime for a family, allowing them to swap temperate or cooler climes for the exotic islands of Mahé, Praslin or La Digue. The islands are famed for their stunning beaches and breath-taking landscapes, making a visit to this region of the world a way to create fantastic memories to be treasured for a long time.

When searching for the best Seychelles resorts for families, there are a few things to bear in mind to ensure that the holiday of a lifetime goes off without a hitch. The first item on the agenda, of course, is the location.

There are many different islands in the Seychelles, some of which are inhabited, many of which are not. The main island in terms of variety of activities and qualities of amenities is the largest isle of Mahé, which incidentally is where some of the best Seychelles resorts can be found. The second most populated island is Praslin, which also offers a variety of hotels, shops and restaurants.

Mahé boasts the Seychelles’ international airport, making it a convenient option for families looking to enjoy a stress-free vacation. With Mahé as a base, it is possible to explore many of the other islands in the Seychelles, all whilst having the comfort and security of staying on the Seychelles’ largest and best-serviced island.

In addition to making sure that travel is as stressless as possible and that you are staying in an area where you can enjoy all the activities and services that you may need, another key factor when looking for the best Seychelles resorts for families is the type of accommodation you will be staying in.

Although there are many hotels in the Seychelles that are on the cheaper side, many visitors to the islands find that paying a little extra for an element of luxury is well worth the investment. Despite many of the best Seychelles resorts being marketed as ‘luxury’ – and indeed having luxury features – a great number of 4 and 5 star hotels are incredibly affordable.

Add to this the fact that many of the best Seychelles resorts run regular deals for advance bookings and groups including families, and there is even less reason to consider cutting costs and instead opting for a cheap hotel.

Security is also a major factor when it comes to vacationing in the Seychelles, or indeed in any foreign country. The best Seychelles resorts will offer extensive security, even late at night, aimed at making sure that families and other guests stay safe, even if children are left playing by themselves.

Be sure to check with any hotel that you are thinking of booking what security features they have, whether they have regular patrols during the day and at night-time, and what the surrounding area is like and what dangers may be present. It is also worth checking if there are lifeguards on duty for hotel swimming pools, so that children may swim safely.

Another important point to take into account when looking into the best Seychelles resorts for families is whether or not the venue itself is suitable for children. Although luxury resorts may not have a dedicated kid’s clubs, the hotel should be expected to provide suitably-sized rooms as well as children’s menus in the restaurants so that everyone can enjoy a delicious holiday meal.

Location, amenities, security, accommodation and dining are all critical factors when it comes to selecting the best Seychelles resorts for staying in on a family holiday. In all cases, make sure you do thorough research on the area and the resort itself before you make a reservation.

Although some of the best Seychelles resorts can be costly, keep an eye out for those hotels that offer special offers throughout the year – you may well be able to afford a slice of luxury to match the stunning location that you are vacationing in.

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