Bring the Family on a Group Backpacking Tour

What better way to get in touch with your inner self than through nature? Exploring the great out of doors and scenic landscapes is the perfect way to rediscover the wonders of life. A real life adventure with your family may seem impossible, but it’s all within your grasp. Imagine the thrill and challenge of backpacking into the Grand Canyon, or the fun and excitement from a kayak or canoe trip. Outdoor adventures appeal to everyone and they are great experiences for families to share.

Did you know that the average quality time spent with a spouse or child is less than 30 minutes a day? Many parents spend less than 10 minutes a day really talking with their children. It seems that even a vacation can be a harried, frantic time in which little is really accomplished and even less is remembered. Wouldn’t it be great to live an adventure instead of just watch one on television or at the movies? This is what you have the chance to do when you plan a unique backpacking or hiking tour where you are an active participant.

Reality shows are quite popular, but now you and your family can be part of a true reality odyssey. You can select the type of trip that suits your family best. Go kayaking or backpacking in Utah or Arizona; view El Capitan or Half Dome in Yosemite; or go on a Rim to Rim tour of the Grand Canyon. Backpacking and camping equipment is provided and everything is lightweight and optimized for comfort and convenience.

Family group vacation adventure tours are packed with challenges, fun and laughter for all ages. You can select a day hike or sign up for longer backpack tours that will take you out on the trails of Yosemite or the Grand Canyon. Outdoor adventures like these are exhilarating and enriching and they provide wonderful family bonding moments.

Backpack along a trail like Hermit’s Path and you will be able to see the real Grand Canyon. This is a true “roughin’it adventure” that is less crowded than some of the others. Look for the remnants of long ago cable cars. You can also explore caves, cool off at lakes and waterfalls, and thrill at the chance to see one of the sheerest drops at the Canyon.

There is also the option of choosing a tour that ends at Phantom Ranch. This family oriented trip lets you enjoy hiking and camping without hauling any gear. Cabins are available for guests and are downright luxurious by most wilderness standards. There will be plenty of time to visit around the campfire and compare stories, or you can just revel in the beautiful canopy of endless stars overhead.

For the purists there are backpacking tours that are rugged and challenging. These trails are on the Havasupai Indian Reservation near the Grand Canyon. Setting up base camp, learning outdoor skills, and swimming near Havasupai Falls are just a few of the highlights that even a first time backpacker will enjoy. Spend your next family vacation on an adventure!

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