Backpacking Tips In The Philippines

Backpacking, or mountaineering as it is commonly referred to in the Philippines, is a very popular sport in this island archipelago. The mountains here offer an exotic, tropical appeal which never fails to captivate backpackers. Some of the more popular climbing destinations here are Mt. Apo, the highest peak in Mindanao (and the Philippines), Mt. Kanlaon, the highest in Visayas, and Mt. Pulag the highest in Luzon. There are other climbing destinations depending on the flavor of the mountain you prefer.

Here are a few backpacking tips for those who want to enjoy backpacking in the Philippines:

• Familiarize yourselves with the locals and as well as Davao City Hotels wherein you can spend some nights.

• Try to bring a local guide with you who will carry water and food with you.

• Carry an ample supply of food and water

• Know what plants species are harmful and not. Also ask what is edible and not edible.

• Be updated about the weather and the climate in the area where you are going to climb.

• Always carry a map with you. Specifically a map of the area that you plan to climb in.

• Don’t forget to bring insect repellant with you.

• Always carry a first aid kit in case of emergency.

• Carry with you a raincoat because the weather in the Philippines is unpredictable. It may be sunny one minute and then raining the next.

Here are some tips for the mind and body:

• A Sound Mind in a Healthy Body — The sport of mountaineering, like any other sport, requires a certain level of physical and mental exertion. One must not attempt a climb without being physically and mentally prepared for the challenge. Do keep in mind that you will be venturing into the wild, and most of the time will be miles from the nearest town or medical facility.

• A Genuine Love and Respect for Nature — Mountaineering is not just a sport. It is a communion with nature and its elements. In exchange for the great views, you must learn to respect nature so that others like you can also enjoy the same experience. Mountaineers live by a code: “Leave no trace.”

• The Right Gear and Equipment — The success of your expeditions will depend, to a certain level, on having the right equipment and gear for the trip. Some mountaineering expeditions end up in a disaster because not the right equipment were brought. In case of an emergency a mountaineer should be equipped with the things that they need to combat these.

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