Backpacking in San Francisco

Travelers in San Francisco will not fail to be enthralled by the sights and sounds of this cosmopolitan city. Known for its landmarks and laid-back atmosphere, it has many inexpensive San Francisco hostels to accommodate backpackers on a budget.


San Francisco’s high-profile attractions draw travelers from all around the world to stay in San Francisco hostels. One of the most iconic images of the city is the Golden Gate Bridge that measures nearly two miles long. Built in 1937 after a four-year construction project costing nearly £25 million, the bridge is an extraordinary feat of engineering.

Travelers can walk along the bridge during daylight hours and watch the river traffic sail by at one of the popular vantage points. These offer breathtaking views of the city.

Alcatraz Island is also a well-known landmark immortalized in popular culture. Located in the middle of San Francisco Bay, the island was once home to a notorious prison and the scene of world-famous jail breakouts.

Travelers can journey to the island by boat and take a guided tour of the prison, and admire the unique natural habitat on the island.


Backpackers staying in San Francisco hostels should experience the rich cultural diversity of the city. Home to communities from Asia, Europe and the Indian subcontinent, the city’s various neighborhoods have a distinct international character.

San Francisco hotels are located in a number of areas such as Chinatown, Little Italy and Russian Hill, where the quirkily crooked Lombard Street is found.

The city has a thriving arts scene with the Museum of Modern Art attracting thousands of visitors and the Palace of the Legion of Honor a popular draw.

Going Out

Numerous clubs and bars can be found in San Francisco, catering to a range of musical tastes. The city has spawned a number of musical movements since the 1960s and in the late 1990s alternative metal bands such as Faith No More emerged from here.

San Francisco is also home to international street festivals and events such as the Gay Pride parade and the Folsom Street Fair.

Backpackers can step out from their San Francisco hostels onto the sidewalk and join in with the many of vibrant street parties during the summer months.

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