Backpacker Well Being – How to Stay Healthy on the Road

You’re excited! You’ve just arrived in this new crazy country and you’ve hit the ground running-you’re ready to go. Line up the beer and the fish-head curry and then you’re up for trekking a mountain. May we whisper a word of caution at this point?: acclimatisation. We know it’s a brand-spanking new adventure and you’re ready to explore but if you wind up exhausted with a diagnosis of traveller-tummy and culture-shockitis on the first day then all you’ll be sight-seeing is the inside of that hostel room. So may we offer some tips on staying well whilst having fun:

  • Drink lots of water: this will keep you hydrated in new climates. Its needs to be of the bottled variety and check that seal is intact.
  • Stay out of the sun at the hottest part of the day. Yawn, yawn you’ve heard it all before, we know-but looking like a boiled lobster just ain’t a good style.
  • If you are travelling to a town of increased altitude you will need to give your bod a couple of days minimum to get used to the reduced oxygen. It’s best to lay off the beer and lay on a bed!
  • Consider staying the first night when you’re new in town in an above cheapest of the cheap hotel room. It may cost a few dollars more but it’ll be money well spent when you’re relaxing in a warm shower or sleeping on a comfy bed. It’ll give you the chance to get used to the changed surroundings without having to worry about a blocked toilet or cockroaches biting in the night!
  • Talking of insects….would you like yours barbequed, fried or maybe boiled?! Ease yourself slowly into the food and your tummy will thank you for it later.

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