Anfi Del Mar, Timeshare Capital of Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria, one of the most loved timeshare destination because of its endless "Red Week" status gained by constant sunshine and glorious heat. Hand-in-hand with timeshare ownership in Gran Canaria is Anfi Del Mar, the hub of some of the island's most highly regarded timeshare resorts. Seeing much of its custom from Scandinavia, Europe and the UK, Gran Anfi Del Mar promises the facilities and climate which contribute to the perfect holiday all year around.

Anfi Beach Club

The original Anfi Resort, Anfi Beach Club has, at its disposal a magnificent waterfront location, situated on the southwest coast of Gran Canaria. The panoramic vision of the Atlantic Ocean when peering out from the club, are lined beautifully by lush tropical gardens perfectly contributing to the feel of idyllic paradise.

Activities whilst on the club are wide ranging and those with a timeshare benefit from a variety of different pass times whilst they are there. From myriad sporting and leisure activities located in on the club and in the central Anfi Plaza or watersports and beach fun moments away.

Club Puerto Anfi

Similarly located to Anfi Beach Club, Puerto Anfi also faces the golden beaches and crystal deep-blue Atlantic Ocean. The true epicentre of the Anfi Del Mar Resort, you really couldn't be closer to the heart of the action here. From large pent house apartments, to luxury suites positioned atop the towers, Puerto Anfi aims to provide that "home-from-home" feeling whilst giving you all the facilities you'd expect.

The vivid tropical surroundings of Anfi Beach Club also benefit Puerto, building on the sight of pools, beaches and the marina. The nautical decor of the club reflect the theme of its location and hints at the aquatic pastimes of jet skies, scuba diving, fishing and even dolphin spotting – bliss!

Club Monte Anfi

The staggering sight of the bay that the Club Monte Anfi apartments provide are some of the best the island can offer. Monte Anfi is unique within the Del Mar resort because of its cliff-top location over the bay. Flower-lined balconies and vibrant greenery conjure the feeling of privacy and all-in-all more idyllic feel.

Bay views are accompanied by all the luxurious amenities and boastful facilities you'd expect from Anfi. Jacuzzi's, heated pools, shops, caf├ęs and the Benito Mini Club will all help you acquire your own piece of heaven if you choose to buy timeshare in Gran Canaria.

Club Gran Anfi

The latest of the clubs at Anfi Del Mar, Gran Anfi promises people looking to buy timeshare with panoramic sights of the Atlantic Ocean and glorious countryside of the south-western side of the island. Also benefitting from Anfi Plaza, Gran Anfi has access to the resort's grand facilities and boasts plenty to do (or not should that be your taste) while you are there.

Club Gran Anfi operates in a different fashion from the Beach Club and Puerto Anfi as it offers a floating week system, which permits the owner to pick the week they want to spend in their timeshare each year. Floating weeks do come with a few provisos as to when and how you can use them, so it is worth enquiring with the resort first.

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