About Buying a Timeshare

I have heard good things and bad things about the whole timeshare scene and would like to look into buying one and trying it for our family. Should we buy one? We get this question a lot and we would like to address some of the key issues in buying a timeshare.

First of all, we see very few advantages of buying straight from the developer. You usually get some nice gifts for going to one of the numerous presentations that are offered in all timeshare areas, but is it worth it, or necessary, to pay that kind of money? The prices are highly inflated and the salespeople usually come across with high pressure sales tactics.

Some resorts that are sold out have a sales person connected with the resort that deals with people who are interested in selling their timeshares and people who want to buy. They also often have available some units that have been foreclosed. They usually have reasonable prices and know the resort and the procedures for buying and selling.

Another approach would be to check out e-bay. We would suggest you watch listings for at least a month before you make any bids. Also, check out completed bids for resorts you are interested in, as well as unit size and weeks of the year you are interested in. Also keep an eye on the feedback scores of people or companies that are selling the timeshares.

Another source would be to check other web sites on the internet. There are a number of timeshare user groups that list timeshares for sale. Also listing in newspapers provide an occasional timeshare. Also check with family and friends who might own a timeshare and would be interested in selling.

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