6 Fascinating Facts About Cruise Ships That You Never Knew

They say travelling is the best way out to break depression. We surely get sick and bored of our daily work routines and there comes a time that we need some change and fun in our lives. Any travelling vacation can do the “stress break” thing but cruising is above all, the only problem is that a few people can afford it as it is a bit high in expenses than the other travelling options.

However, if you have a huge amount of cash in your bank and are able to go for cruising with your friends or family then here are a few interesting facts that you would want to know about cruising.

World’s Largest Cruise Ship

MS Oasis of the Seas and MS Allure of the Seas are famous for being the world’s largest ships with an enormous amount of facilities. These ships are owned by the Royal Caribbean International. These ships have enough space to carry up to 6000 passengers at once.

We always knew that Titanic is the largest ship and the heaviest too but guess what, we were wrong, these huge in size ships are four times heavier and 100 meters longer than the Titanic.


Back in the ancient times, there was a proper tradition in which Godmothers used to come and bless the cruises so that they don’t meet any disaster of misfortune. Even now many ships practice this tradition and cruise ship Godmothers are invited by lines to give the ship “life” and to bestow guidance and safety on it. It might sound a bit weird but it has been running since the ancient times and people believe that they are going to have a very safe and fun ride if the Godmothers have blessed the cruise.

Dump The Raw Sewage

You might not know it but it is but a reality that the cruise ships have legal rights to dump the raw sewage in the sea only if they at least three miles away from the shore. You might be wondering where does all the sewage go from the ship and how is it dumped well it shocking but its all in the sea!

Missing People!

Since 2001, there are over 2000 people who are reported to be missing from cruise ships and after some research, the owners reported that most of the people sometimes go for suicide in the sea and some fall of the cruise and there are many who just can’t be found anywhere.

The World

“The World” is a cruise ship where people can live permanently just like normal homes, this cruise has offices and proper daily routine work and rooms where people earn, eat and live with their families.


Manu of the people won’t be aware of this term, muster is basically a safety drill for all the crew people and the passengers so that they know how to use life jackets in emergency situations and how they can survive if something really bad comes up!

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